Welcome to the Active Perception Lab

How does the brain transform light entering the eye into a meaningful visual world full of objects, people, and events? What are the computational principles underlying visual functions, and what goes wrong in visual disorders? How are these principles implemented by neural pathways? What is the role of motor behavior in perception? Can we replicate the mechanisms responsible for human vision in machines? These are some of the fundamental questions that drive research in the Active Perception Laboratory. 

Directed by Drs. Martina Poletti and Michele Rucci, the Active Perception Laboratory is dedicated to the study of human visual functions. The laboratory is part of the Department of Brain & Cognitive Sciences and located in the Center for Visual Science at the University of Rochester.


Active Perception Lab 2021
Center for Visual Science retreat 2020
Installing an optical table.
APLab members between games of laser tag.
APLab members collecting data.
APLab members 2021.
Attending the Rochester triathlon
Undergraduate poster presentation at URMC